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Published: 06/11/2023 Updated: 10/14/2023 Nacionalinis vėžio institutas
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The Cancer Registry, coordinated by the National Cancer Institute (hereinafter referred to as the NCI), carries out its official activities (registers cases of oncological diseases throughout the territory of Lithuania) in accordance with the 2016 resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The main priorities of the Cancer Registry are data security and data completeness. Messages "On the first diagnosis of oncological disease" are sent from the personal health care institutions to the NCI Cancer Registry. All of them are reviewed, coded and entered into the information system, and in case of inaccuracies - corrected. Every year, the specialists of the Cancer Registry enter more than 20 thousand people into the information system. new reports, as well as additional data from the State Register of Deaths and their Causes. Data reaches the NCI Cancer Registry in the form of paper and electronic messages. More and more institutions are taking care of the protection of their patients' personal data and are trying to move all data exchanges to a more secure - electronic - space. The website www.nvi.lt has an electronic form of the NCI Cancer Registry, which provides an opportunity for personal health care institutions to conveniently and safely provide information on first-time oncological diseases. This electronic form not only helps the responsible staff of the institutions to submit data to the register quickly and securely, but also allows to review and control what data has been submitted, and to correct the data in case of inaccuracies or additional information.